Pay It Forward

We are super excited to announce our pay it forward scheme is up and running 😊
How it works
Browse the various charities listed, be sure to read the descriptions they have provided , they do so much more than a title or picture could show!
Simply select how many balls of yarn you would like to send, it is £1.05 per ball, this guarantees the charity the exact yarn they prefer to use 😊
Shipping is FREE, if you choose to treat yourself at the same time , donating a ball to charity will NOT affect your parcel size, if you don’t want anything for yourself but for example fancy donating just one ball then the total cost will be £1.05 , All Shipping is covered by us!
We have allowed a quantity of 1000 balls to be bought for each charity so it is super easy to see exactly how each one is doing 😊
We will send donations out each time they reach 50 balls
This has got to be the easiest, most convenient way to give 😊 and we are super excited to see if it could work and genuinely help, so go on.. buy a ball for someone else who will in turn create something that provides so much more for someone who genuinely needs it 😘😘😘Thankyou

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