Pay it Forward – Sixty Million Trebles – 60MT Boxes of Love


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What we are about:
Hundreds of thousands of children are orphans and/or homeless and displaced in Syria, Yemen and other countries throughout the world. Many are dying due to the cold, disease and lack of medical attention and will never be able to return to their homes. They survive in horrendous conditions which we cannot imagine. We try to help by donating ‘Boxes of Love’ to a charity called ‘Hand in Hand for Aid and Development’, who have the facilities to distribute aid to where it is needed. The boxes may contain blankets, clothing or other practical aid such as hygiene supplies, educational items and small toys. Many of our donations are knitted and crocheted – ‘hand-made with love’. Occasionally we have special appeals, which may benefit Hand in Hand or other charities. Lots of us are crafters. We have a great community spirit with local Hookups encouraged and we host a meet-up each autumn in Birmingham for fun, shenanigans and updates from Hand in Hand. We like to post photographs of our contributions in our Facebook group to admire and celebrate the handiwork of our fellow members. Most importantly, we are a fun group who are positive and supportive of each other in good times, and not-so-good times. Thank you for having a look to see who we are.

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